Welcome to Odessa

Odessa is a suburb of Tampa with a population of 8,517. Odessa is located within the borders of Pasco County, rates as one of the best places to live in Florida. Living in Odessa provides residents a comfortable suburban setting that feels open, simple, and relaxing. There are plenty of homes and apartments to rent though most residents own their homes. The area is great for families and young people as there are a lot of parks to explore as well as nice shops and family-owned businesses as well. Many families live in Odessa and residents enjoy a simple yet active lifestyle for the most part. The Odessa community is a small yet thriving area and is a great place for anyone looking for a good place to set down roots within the area. The public schools in Odessa are highly rated and residents enjoy strong employment growth and a lower crime rate than much of the state of Florida.

Odessa Rankings

According to the rankings provided by Niche, thousands of places to live in Florida are compared based on key statistics from the U.S. Census and expert insights into several key areas. The top ratings for the Odessa area include the following:

  • Best Suburbs to Buy a House in Florida
    • Odessa rates 64 of 378
  • Best Suburbs to Raise a Family in Florida
    • Odessa rates 64 of 378
  • Suburbs with the Best Public Schools in Florida
    • Odessa rates 65 of 378

Working in Odessa

  • The job market of Odessa has a rating of A-
  • Median Household Income- $83,326
  • National Average- $55,322

Job growth is among some of the strongest in Florida and Odessa’s opportunities for employment continue to grow as residents enjoy high employment rates and low turnovers.

Top Public Schools Serving Odessa

  • James W. Mitchell High School
  • Dayspring Academy
  • Sunlake High School
  • Countryside Montessori Academy
  • Oakstead Elementary School

The Odessa area in the Tampa area is a great place to live and work. It is a safe community with a lower crime rate than the state average, and higher employment and job growth projection than many other communities in the surrounding areas.

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